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Our (next) speaker, Behaviorist Jeff Compton is the a behavior expert and co-founder and CEO of Third Dimension Group. In Jeff's career, he has been fortunate to have built from the ground up three distinct and successful companies. One of which, Jeff went on to developed and successfully market as a prosperous franchising system.

He is the author of several books including WHEN BOB BARKS a groundbreaking and enlightening book on the cutting-edge secrets of your brain and how you can harness it’s power to perform at a high level. In researching the book Jeff conducted over a thousand seminars within a four year span, to more than 150,000 business professionals in most of the major companies and organizations in America. Jeff knows the trials that leaders are facing in today's workplace and because of his research he has the answers that get results.

After Jeff speaks today, you can get his new book –

The Psychology of Breaking Habits & Getting What You Want

Jeff would be honored to autograph your book for you as well.His new CD programs are also available to us. They contain his most dynamic presentations that give you a competitive edge in the way you communicate in business.

When companies need answers they GO-TO Jeff Compton that's why they call him the Go-To-Guy, please join me in welcoming Jeff Compton….

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