What Jeff has to have!

Lapel Mic (Cordless)

For more than 50 people. Will work with a hand-held mic if notified

Projector Screen

Although most meeting planners have their own projectors, Jeff always brings an extra to every presentation. However, they won’t let him bring a screen onboard the plan.

Chair & Table on Stage

Jeff uses a chair in all of his presentations as a prop. He uses a chair and a small table for the Communication, Direct Sales and Leadership presentations.

Resource Table at Back

Jeff will need a large table at the back of the room for the resources he will have available. Please provide a chair as well.


Room & AV Setup

Proper setup of your learning environment is key for maximum success.

Below are some ideas that will add to the quality of your meeting. Please keep in mind that
although they are not required, using these principles can enhance positive,
enthusiastic responses from the audience. If you have any questions, please call
(678) 612-2484, and we would be more than happy to assist you.

For Keynote Presentations:
(For Training & Seminars Contact us)

Wireless clip-on microphone (for More than 50 Attendees)

Large Screen & Projector (We can provide a projector is asked)

Plenty of stage room

Theater-style seating and full house lights (For Seminars, tables & chairs but this is Optional)

Ability to plug into sound system.

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