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As meeting planners knows all too well, what matters most is how the participants at the event responds to the speaker that was booked. Here are a few of the written testimonials from the Evals which meeting professionals have joyfully shared with us.

Attendee Testimonials Taken Straight From The Evals!

“I’ve been to leadership meetings before and none of them was as fun & knowledge was actually obtained. I definitely won’t forget this meeting. Jeff was awesome!”
- Joan Dennison

“One of the best seminars attended. The leader was informative and people oriented. Jeff Compton MANIA!”
- Rebecca Parsons

“Mr. Compton gave me techniques, tools and resources to be a better leader. Mr. Compton is a very enjoyable speaker.”
- Mary Mitchum

"The speaker was amazing, very funny and interactive. Jeff was very well spoken and extremely informative”
- Nicole Henderson

“Gave a lot of informative information that was needed and was very helpful. Jeff is a great speaker and motivator”
- Linda Cokeland

“Jeff was top notch! Entertaining, yet relevant to the topics discussed. Seem to keep the course moving along and had the knack for keeping the audience engaged.”
- Shawn Kerry

 “I got EXACTLY what I came to learn. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable in this area. He ROCKS!”
- Lynn Patterson

“Jeff involved the whole group and made the points REAL.”
- Eileen Kennison

Jeff Compton's presentation was outstanding. He had everyone fully engaged during his presentation. I would like to see him come back and do the whole thing so we could hear more about the remaining personalities.
- CUANM Attendee

“Lots of information, it was awesome! Stuff we will use for the rest of our life! Thank you so much it was great!”
- Seminar Attendee

"Heard Jeff Compton speak today and I was blown away! All I heard the rest of the day was all about BOB, Jeff is a life-changer!
- Keynote Attendee

“Mr. Jeff Compton did a great job of keeping us in-tune & interested. Most of us will leave today with a totally different outlook on life.”
- Katie Luthor

“Jeff is an excellent speaker and presenter. Would enjoy his seminars anytime”
- Joan Drysdale

 “Jeff did a very good job in presenting. Not a boring presentation - held attention so much that I didn’t want to miss any of it.”
- Brenda Carson

“Jeff seemed to really care about what each person...He helped solve issues instead of just giving a speech. He was very funny. Very Inspiring!”
- Jennifer Kind

“High Energy. Informative. Motivator. AWESOME JOB!”
- Aretha Barry

“Jeff held my attention. The interaction between speaker and audience kept interesting. Jeff demonstrated keen energy, knowledge and a sense of humor. Great job! ”
- Jenny Bennett

“I was expecting a boring seminar, but I was wrong. It was a very helpful to me as a supervisor. Jeff kept my attention. I would highly recommend him to every person in a management position”
- Geri Gilbert

“I think Jeff does a great job of relating his information into real-life situations. I will be able to go back to work and feel better about my ability to be a better supervisor.”
- Chad Wilson

 “Exceeded my expectation! I’m taking away much more that I imagined. Delighted with the presence of Jeff”
- Diane Johnson

This was my favorite presentation. This information is useful for our supervisors to use in managing their employees but also for our sales staff to learn to read member personalities so they are more effective in dealing with them.
- Conference Attendee

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