Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Jeff’s speaking and business background?

Take a look at his list of organizations and you will see an amazing diversity of clients. From Marriott and DuPount to McDonalds and Chevron. From the Texas Organization of Rural and County Hospitals (TORCH) and GE Energy to the American Red Cross and the Department of Defense. All of these organization have one thing in common, they have put their trust in Jeff Compton to help their managers & supervisors.
What does that mean to you? Jeff has connected with thousands of diverse managers and supervisors and done countless interviews. Jeff knows the problems management faces in today’s workplace and he has devoted his life to developing techniques to overcome the obstacles that hinder productivity. In his years in the corporate world, he has always been a manager himself and understands the mindset and challenges. When talking to management oriented audience Jeff can speak their language. Jeff’s keynotes, break-outs and seminars are full of content, rich and relevant.
Jeff has been speaking since 1991 and has done over 2100 talks, in the past four years he has also done more than 1000 seminars. That means he has attained a rare skill level from the front of the room that can easily energize any audience.
Jeff runs his own business and has a wonderful son playing college football and one in the Marines. He understands the joy and pressure that each can bring. His message incorporates the need for attention and excellence in both.

Why have meeting planners consistently booked Jeff the last 10 years?

He consistently exceeds his client’s expectations in terms of customizing his message, humor and entertainment value, energy generated and audience interaction. Everyone likes to be energized, have fun and feel that the speaker has respected them enough to do their homework.
Like every professional speaker today, I will personally conduct a pre-program interview with. Instead of completing a lengthy questionnaire which would be more of a hassle in your busy schedule, you get the personal touch and so that I can get a feel for your members and in turn deliver a highly relevant presentation, tailored to your program's needs. The more information you provide me, the better. Your prospective speaker can always "edit down," but he or she can't ever "edit up"! You can also send me whatever printed material (annual reports, newsletters, magazines, product brochures) you think may be helpful.

Why is Jeff such a popular closing speaker at multi-day conventions?

It is much more difficult for a speaker to do a rockin’ closing session at a convention. This is especially true if there are many parties and the group goes to bed late, is up early for several days in a row and the event is after lunch. Jeff’s natural style is to have fun and build rapport with the audience. He keeps the audience moving mentally and physically. Because of the interaction they are engaged and involved. He feels the key is to make it about them and not about him. He will lead them to a clear call to action so they will focus on the key items they will put into action when they return home.

How else can I use Jeff to make our event extraordinary?

Speaking at your convention is an important moment for your presenters. If they are professionally coached by Jeff you will see an amazing improvement in their performance. They will learn the keys to opening and closing their talks, engaging the audience, organizing their message and how to get motivated to be at their best!
Jeff will sit in on your meeting before he speaks and meet as many participants as he can. His goal is to have your people say, "Wow! How did he know so much about us - it is like he worked with us."

What is the best way to set up the room and manage the intangibles?

The logistics of the room is very important to the overall success of the meeting: chairs, light, music, temperature, stage set-up all play a role. Here is a check list of things to consider that will make a difference better for all your sessions.

Does Jeff offer handouts?

Jeff uses PowerPoint, so he will provide you with the handout version of his presentation if requested. You can receive it hard-copy through the mail or electronically via e-mail. You may reproduce as many as you wish.

What is my investment to have Jeff speak at our event?

Jeff’s fee is based on variables that are best answered over the phone when talking to you such as: Where the event will be held? How many will be there? Is it a break-out session, keynote or both? Is it an corporate seminar? etc...

For select educational and non-profit organizations, a discount may be available. Please inquire if you believe your organization qualifies.

Multiple engagements with one client will be given reduced fee consideration.

Recording fees: You hired me to deliver an amazing experience for your participants. It would be a shame for them to hear it only once! Recording of the presentation is highly encouraged. You simply record my customized talk live, duplicate it and distribute to the participants. It is only $5 – $9 per person for the recording rights.

Travel Expenses: Jeff offers a Flat-Rate Travel Fee. This is easier for you to budget and you will never be surprised. The travel fee includes round-trip coach airfare to the program venue, ATL transportation and parking, en route and on site meals, gratuities, and ground travel to and from the airport to the destination hotel. Hotel room and tax charges to be billed to client's master account.
Travel Flat Fee:

North America: $950
Southeast US: $550
Atlanta Area: No Charge
International: Call for a Quote
Time is of the essence when dealing with travel during the summer or holiday months, the faster the approval of the date the better. Because air travel becomes increasingly more expensive the closer you get to the date, there is an extra fee ($500) for any contracts not completed 40 days before the date of training.

Is there a deposit required to book Jeff?

Associations (Keynotes, General Sessions & Concurrent Break-out Sessions)
The flat rate travel expense and 50% of the speaker fee are required at time of booking to guarantee the date.

Corporate Training (Seminar training at your specified location)
The flat rate travel expense and 100% of the training fee are required at time of booking to guarantee the date. If there is a booking of more than one date: the flat rate travel expense and 50% of the training fee of all dates scheduled are required at time of booking to guarantee the date.

How should the room be set-up for seminars?

AV and Logistics: A cordless lav microphone and the ability to play music by a computer/iPod. A “T” shaped stage is best with larger groups over 150. The room should be as bright as possible and chairs ideally arranged in a chevron pattern to bring the audience as close as possible to the front. Please try not to put the podium in the front of the stage so you have to walk behind it to work the room. Please provide a 4’ x 6’ skirted table and room temperature bottled water for the stage. It is highly recommended that each person have a hotel writing pad/notebook to write on. Jeff will not provide each participant with learning guides unless they are ordered before the seminar. Everyone will need pens and something to write on.

For more specifics on suggestions for room set-up and logistics please read this click here.

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