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Keep your costs down and still deliver the high content your attendees need and expect. Jeff can deliver a dynamic opening session and follow up with content-filled concurrent break-out sessions. Don’t rely on low fee or no fee lackluster speakers to fill your needs. Get an experienced professional speaker for what you would pay a beginner or industry speaker, possibly less. Jeff can deliver several sessions at your meeting (over two or three days) for a single fee. Now, add up the total cost of using several industry speakers, multiple travel, hotel and assorted expenses for your real cost. Do the same if you are considering low-fee entry-level speakers and compare the real cost to using Jeff for several sessions.

Get it all for just one price, plus travel flat rate expense; Keynote, General Session Presentations & Concurrent Break-outs. You'll save big dollars since you'll only have to cover travel and hotel for one. You'll save big dollars in speaker fees by only hiring one speaker.

Atlanta Area

Another bonus for you! If perchance you are bringing your association conference or convention to the Atlanta area, it would be to your advantage to consider Jeff Compton for your meeting. Jeff lives in the area and there would not be any travel expenses, plus Jeff gives discount on his fee to speak at home. Please contact us for more information.

Contact us for more concerning about any questions you may have. Ph 678-612-2484

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